Thursday, May 6, 2010

What is your first Indrajal Comics?

What is your first Indrajal Comics?

If I ask you this question, I know everybody has different answer but we all agree with one, love it at first sight.
Here is my own answer and I want to share your experience too.
I met my two best friends that day. I was only in class three and one day I saw some boys force to move out a boy from his seat.  He has no other choice than manage a seat beside me.  
First, he said, “do you know I can finish those stupid boys in a second? He speaks in real low voice.
“Oh” I Surprised,” how can you..”
“Yes I can”, he said. “But I don’t want to show them my power here in the classroom.” He also adds, "I know Judo and Karate, I read Betal (Phantom). That’s the way I become powerful.” He tries to show me his biceps.

I do not know about Judo and Karate then, and first time I hear Betal.
“What is Betal?” I asked him.
“You don’t know who Betal is?” He surprised, “Betal is Mystery Man of the Jungle! Choloman Asoriri(the ghost who walk)”, he describe me about Phantom.
At that time, I was not interested about his story.
Later in the afternoon, I was playing with my friends and I saw him again standing outside of his house.  He looked at me, and run in to his house returns immediately with two Indrajal comics.
I saw first time Indrajal comics. Those issues are Abagunthita and Daineer Dandha.

“Take it. “He said, “And you will know who Betal is.”
I run to my home and gave it to my elder brother (he is 3years older than I am) and we read it together. 
It was a wonderful experience for me and I never forget.
From that day indrajal become my friend. I likeIJC, because I always feel good with it.
Friends, now it is time to hear from you.
Share your memories and  first experience with IJC.
Let us know your personal feeling about Indrajal Comics.
So mail me.
Now friends, Here is my one of the first Indrajal Comics
                032 Daineer Danda


  1. Thank you Betal once again for another excellent release. Yep, the first indrajal is always a nostalgic thing. I remember, i came into touch with IJC quite late, in 1989. I was not bad at studies from the childhood. So, often I got some gifts from my parents as well as from my younger maternal uncle (who happened to be my tutor). One day my maternal uncle brought some gifts when he was returning from Calcutta. A hawker in train sold those to him. My first IJCs. The issue was "Mahakaler Chabuk" V26N17. After that I collected many IJC. One very bad incident happened when I was in class 8. My mother sold all my comics to Kabariwala as it seemed to my parents that comics was ruining my studies. I did not take food for two days as shear grief. Later, when I came to Kolkata in 2003, I happened to come to College Street very frequently. So, I started building up my IJC collection again.

    Hey! others should also share their experience.

    And Betal, you must have noticed that many of the names of the comics in my list of IJC in the first hundred are still missing. So, if you can provide me with those names either by mail or by comments in the blog, the list can be completed.

  2. amar expreience er kotha bolte gele bolte hoy amar maar kotha..though my 1st scanned issue was v22n46 "the ghost's fury"& my 1st post #43 "sonabelar upokotha",but the 1st issue that i read was bahadur's v21n11 "joygorer guptodhon", given by my mother.. tarpor aaste aaste indrajal podte suru kori..& then started collecting it..that was almost 7 years ago..i never got a new indrajal, as i was born in'89 & ijc stopped publishing in'90 only..

    durbhagyoboshoto..amar maar kaache indrajal khub ekta beshi chilo in my time, mostly were sold..given to raddiwala..tai ekhon bhabi je prothom theke collect korle aaj hoyto collection complete hoye jeto..

    though one day my mother found an old bookshop in collegstreet & that's how my collection started..sob 2-3 takai tokhon kintam..1dine 50-60 ta kore boi tultam..but seta r ekhon hoy na..

    ekhono ami indrajal pele sobar aage amar maake dekhai..baba ke diye boiguno bind father has a lot helped me providing money for this ijcs..though he says he does not like it.. :D

    the haunt for ijcs is not over yet..& one day, i believe i'll get the complete collection..


  3. by the way, ekta khub baaje bapar ghotche amader ae indrajal scans niye..somebody is selling them in name of their own scans for buissness purpose(eng & hindi)..really very bad thing..& the most contrasting part is, that person is a blogger himself..loke je eto niche naamte pare ekotha ami sopneo bhabte pari na..

  4. Thanks Betal for another rare issue.

    One can hardly forget 1st IJC.

    I had already shared my story. One can read here:

    or same dated original post at Books and Comics blog. In short, my first issue was Hindi #295- Feb 1978- Mrutunjay & was just promoted to 4th class.

    Even not being bad in studies hadn't help to make my mother kind about comics. Every 6-12 months, she sold/torn/ put on fire - NOTE- only comics. I wept, but I again collected next & some old. As in my town there was no old book shop. In 1982, my father was transferred to Ranchi, there I was able to recollect many oldies, but really not big choice as I wished to collect as New only. In opposite winds, I was able to collect by 1990 - 500+ IJC & 3000+ comics only. :)

    First back issue I read was #41-1967-Phantom-The Mystery of the Veiled Lady, at a friend's home. The elder brother of same friend had many early issues. Bhaiya was kind enough to give me in lot of 5-10 IJCs for reading without return limitation period. I could read Hindi diagonally since childhood, so was able to read one literature Hindi book (from school library about 150-300 pages), some IJC again & again, & doing my school work. So many time I took many issues & return him back always.:)

  5. Again a very nice and thinkable post which triggers some meaningful and healthy discussions too rather than sharing mere comic links.Keep it up.
    Well,regarding my very first Indrajal i am unable to recall about it as there is not any special event or incident associated with it.
    All what i remember is that Indrajal was the very first comic which i have ever read after i learnt how to read.
    To know more about my comic reading history,interested readers can read it my story from this LINK where i have discussed in detail about my intoxication with comics at my blog.

  6. @Devil: Thank you devil, Now we know your first experience with IJC. Your grief when you lost it. I do not have to face any problems reading comics but I realize your childhood pain.
    Now I also sometimes worried about my child. Maybe he saws too much CN, but I am glad he read IJC.

    About Bengali IJC list, I am sorry devil I just forget about it. I will mail you all the missing names except 029.
    I do not have 029, and I forget its name.

  7. @Walker: Yes, walker we all are dreaming about complete IJC collection.
    I feel very lucky I grew with IJCs. When it has stopped, I was already in my professional life.
    Tomar Pratham IJC Hatey pabar agei IJC stop hoe gechhilo, tat poreo tomar ijc-prati tibra tan, bhalobasha satyi obak kore. Amar chhoto belai tv chhilona Pc to durer kotha, ekmatro bandu chilo IJC.
    My mother never read IJC. Sometimes I force her, “you read other books, but why not IJC? “
    I gave her IJC and told her “when I return from school I ask you question from it.” In that way I tried to know either, she read or not.
    When I asked, she answer properly. However, I never know the truth, She asked about the story from my elder sister (she read in morning school).
    Thanks Walker for sharing your memories and hope someday we all complete our IJC collection.

  8. @Prabhat: I feel sad with you childhood memories. Some of my friend also faced this kind of trouble.
    Actually parent is becoming worried some times, as I am worried now about my child. Is he to addict to CN? Is he wasted his time with storybooks? Sometime we over act in fear, fear about our children’s future.
    So Abagunthia(The Mystery of the Veiled Lady) is also you first IJC same as mine. It is a wonderful story.
    Gigantic bugs all over the places, Phantom with a lady professor and her broken leg assistance. How they came out from the horrible place?
    I read it several times, one of my favorite stories.

    Thanks again Prabhat, Thank you very much for sharing your first memory of IJC.

  9. @ Comic World: Welcome and thanks for your valuable comment.

    So IJC is you first comic book. You cannot remember your first one but you express your personal feeling with few words.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  10. @Bengali Indrajal Comics: Abagunthia (The Mystery of the Veiled Lady) is my first back issue. But started with #295 Hindi.

    Several times I take from Bhaiya to read.

    As faced such problem myself, so my approach is absolutely different. And succeeded providing full democracy to children and results what I want. My twins are topper of their sections & in fact real competition between two in school. Same time self-disciplined, good kids. Even so good, now I worry how to spoil a little again to make them more practical.

  11. Thanks prabhat,
    Very nice to know about you children and they are good performer.
    Gently guide them, show them way to success and happiness. I pray to God that they should be able to make their dreams come true.

    Parents have always worried about the next generation of young people. Worry in different way.

    But your job is become harder now. You have to collect all IJC with two copies (joking).

  12. Hi all, it's so interesting to find there are so many of us who are so fond of Indrajal.

    Amar prothom Indrajal kon sonkhya porechhilam mone nei, but it was given to me by my best friend. I was quite a loner in my para, and made friends with him because we had a good interest in books. I had Nonte-Fonte and baantul and he used to buy Indrajal and we swapped copies. But I was not so keen on collecting them, as a lot of copies were borrowed by other friends and were never returned.

    I can recall the time when I decided to collect Indrajal again. It was in 2003 and an elderly person in my para passed away. My friend who lend me my first indrajal was also with me and we decided to take a stroll at Golpark. I came across a few copies, in a total hodgepodge, some between 300-400, some in Volume 20, 21. But that was the start and I haven't stopped yet. Now I don't live in Kolkata, not even in India, so it's way too difficult for me to keep on collecting, as most of the copies I still don't have are very rare (first 80 and just a few here and there), But i hope in my lifetime,, some day the collection will be complete and that'll be one of the biggest achievements of my life.

  13. Thanks, Deep and you are welcome.

    I always search IJCs at Collage Street. I use to go there 2 or 3 days a week. But ijcs became very rare today. I have all 1st hundred (few of them are in bad shape) except 029. I always search that issue and hope someday I complete my collection.

    One thing I can promise you, I will post every Bengali issue of first hundred here.
    You also get Bengali indrajal comics at and
    Thanks for you sharing your memories.

  14. hi..

    yes i remember my first indrajal but sorry i had to check the name.. but i remember the story as it is printed in deep down walls of my memory..

    u remember Betal story when 2 alien lands in earth and they had to check earth people strength and the first person they meet is Betal. they see how he saves shera and hero from jungle fire, fights with Baloon dragon and finally Betal fights with them and they have to leave..

    i remember that when i got my hand on this comics first few pages were missing but i liked the story. and after thnat there was no turning back. Infact that time some magazine was running phantom strip story of 'purvi anchal ka rakhwala' after my first comics i was following that strip..

  15. Hello Kuldeep, welcome.

    The plot you describe it remind me two different issues. One was an early issue “The Phantom and the Deadly Web”( last 5 or 6 page contain that story in the name “The Test”), in Bengali “Jaler Bivishika” Bengali name of” The Test” was “avinaba Pariksha”,
    and another was later version of same plot “The Phantom meets The Space Demons” in Bengali “Naskhata Pishach”.

    They are same plot but drawn by different artist. First one was drawn by Bill Lignante as far as I know, hope somebody will correct me if I am wrong, and later one by Wilson MCcoy and It was a full length story.

    In future, I will post those issues in Bengal.

    Thank you for sharing your early memories. After first meeting with IJC, as you said, there was no turning back, we're all fascinated with it same as before.
    Thanks again.

  16. @BIC: You are absolutely right.

    1st one (Eng IJC # 45 -1967) was originally printed in GK #2 (1963).

    And 2nd (Eng IJC # 305 -1978)is Sunday strips - #42 (14 Aug 1955-6 Nov 1955)- The Horned Star Demons.

  17. @Betal:my 1st Indrajal (in order to intro) was V26 N29(Rip- Bartho Chakranto) but reading wise it was probably,V26 N33(Betal) follwed by a classic Bahadur from V26 N18..definetly all happened in 1989 only!!since then,it'sa my PASSION!! :))

  18. about Obogunthita,ye,it'a a fabulous story....
    allthough I got this only in 2005(it's reprint:V20 N37) but when I saw da Original version(eng) on net(No.19),I always willing to have one too...specially for that amzing cover-art by B.Govind....finally,last year I got that...:-)

  19. Thanks Mandrake Dude. Thanks for sharing your first indrajal.

    Obogunthita is one of my favorite. In Eng it was 041 and in Bengali, yes 019.
    Any way you got it in English or in Bengali.
    Yes B. Govind did some unique covers. Later he changes his style from 032 Daineer Danda. Prefer to draw with line drawing than half tone. But with his amazing style covers are always remain very attractive.
    In future, I like to post something about his covers.
    Thanks again.

  20. Yes,I got "Obogunthita" ie the Bengali version!! I liked this story,it's representation(n of course BETAL!) so much that I've collected both Bengali versions of Indrajal(19,20-37)+ Diamond's Bengali,English & Hindi versions(#14)i.e. 5 books on this story AND looking for at least 1 of Ijc "eng" version :))

    Between,amaro Indrajal er 1st experince OR Intro same chilo i.e. through 1 of the close classmates....AMAR dinta akhono ato bhalobhabe mone ache je ki bolbo(after loong 21 years)!!
    Ekdin o oi Rip Kirby-er boita enechilo(V26 N37) abong amake khule dekhalo those funny cartoons(Bunty) and some pages of the story...also had noticed some informations in last pages(ripleys,u know!!) BUT anyway,I didn't liked @1st sight(most probably due to it was a Rip adventure..use to be bit slow!) boi ta ami desk er niche rekhe diyechilam....then 4-5 classes passed...seshe jhokhon chuti holo ar o boi ta pherot chailo,amar suddenly mone holo "boi ta porle hoto"!!! so I asked him to bring back tht book on next day AND some other issues too!!
    O kotha rekhe chilo,ar sei theke suru....never really felt bored...jodio onek stories 20-25 bar kore pora/dekha ache!! :)
    infact some others also had some collection BUT most were not much willing to lend EXCEPT my friend!!he was my ONLY early Indrajal source :))...tarpor amio kena suru kori....

    PS - ageo bolechilam,unfortunately I've enjoyed only a brief period of only 8-10 months of "current readership" of Indrajal due to it's cancellation....khub kharap legechilo sei somoy,but I moved on & stressed on back issues!!got several books (lend/exchnged) from many friends till 6th std.(1992-93) & some from library.....after that got/read hardly a few...allmost lost the hope but then in University during my M.Sc.,2005,"bhaggo Devi" prossono holo amar opor :D
    So,I restarted this passion courtsey of some "old sellers"...much thanks to them!!:))



  21. Thanks Sagnik,
    the way you describe your first experience I really like it. Early memories of school days always sweet, and Sei smitir sathe jadi Indrajal comis mishe thake tobe to sonai sohaga.

    tomar personal feelings–er kotha Honesly bolte giye comments-ta boro hotei pare. You have nothing to be sorry for.

    Ijc bandho hoe jaota very sad, but ammar opor khub ekta effect kore ni karon ami takhon already in my professional life. onek busy abong onek involvement amamke IJC stop hoe jaoata khub ekta bujhte dei ni.

    Fortunately I’ve got Obogunthita and The Mystery of the Veiled Lady both.

    I hope tomar "bhaggo Devi" prossono Hon ebong tumi 041 chharao Na paoa annya IJC golo Jogar kore felo and complete you collection.

  22. Ohhh... link ta je dead dekhachhe. :(

  23. My first comic is betaler mayajal. but i love betaler nil danab and jekono flash gardoner comics ar betaler sab comics. khuli guha ar janadur mandraker bari ami jeno okhanei ghure berai. ajo. ami eder sabgulo galpo parte chai. bar bar. abar. sabsamay.

  24. Sir, has now became invitation only-view. Can I get a invitation from them to my e-mail